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Sussex Corner NB E4E 3A1 Phone: (506) 432-4000 Fax: (506) 432-4000

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Exclusive Distributors Of Stampcrete International's Product Line of Patented Concrete Stamping Tools, Intergral Colors, Fiber, Release Agents and Sealers for NB, Quebec, NS, PEI, and NFLD.

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General Info:

Stampcrete System is cast-in-place concrete, integrally colored and stamped with U.S. patented platform/texturing tools to produce a surface similar to natural stone, brick, slate and other natural paving materials. Base color is achieved through integral color pigments in the concrete mix or surface treated with color hardeners. A powdered color release agent is used in the stamping process and insures maximum surface detail while providing a second color for surface highlights and distinctive grout line look. Stampcrete's special acrylic base sealer added in the curing process provides full color depth and richness with maximum concrete protection.


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